Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 34: Training Elder Campbell

FROM DAD: We received an email from one of the Senior Missionaries who serves in the mission office in Accra. She notified us that Max had traveled to Accra that week to pick up Elder Campbell who just arrived to the mission. Max will be his trainer for the next 6 to 18 weeks (likely). Elder Campbell is from Mapleton, Utah. 


Dear Family,

Training!!! My trainee is Elder Campbell from Mapleton, Utah. I will almost turn one year without having had an African companion... that is crazy... the chances of that are so small hahaha but it’s cool! I am sure I will serve with an African companion soon enough.

We found a member woman named Sister M.. She was born in the church, raised strong in membership, but... she married a non member and now must (out of tradition) go to the husband’s church. When we met her she seemed visibly, saddened as we discussed her issue. You could tell she really missed the church. So we are not really sure what we will do with this situation but... yeah that’s a challenge.

We had another crazy rain storm and had to run through the streets again to the chapel for refuge haha. Yeah. Ghana. 


Elder Janda