Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 40: Pregnancy Over

I've officially been out long enough that if someone was pregnant right when I left, the baby would have been born by now... 9 months is a long tI'me.

This week was really good. Haha, we found 8 new people to teach. Haha, we went to town on it man! Finding. Finding. Finding. Man. So we found some pretty great people. I’m actually in awe at it.

First one was this guy J., and his wife O.. Man, they were so nice. We just walked up and contacted them as they were sitting outside their house. We started talking and they let us share our message with them. We sat down on the classic wooden stools and shared the restoration with them. They got all excited and were talking about how it was a fulfillment of scripture and stuff like that. Man, it was really cool. So we are excited to talk to them again.

Next was even more unbelievable. We are walking from an appointment out in the middle of nowhere in our area and we see this monkey tied up to a guys banister in front of his house. And I’m like, “Woah! that’s a monkey!” (We never see stuff like that...just goats and chickens man.) So obviously we go and are taking pics of it and stuff and the owner comes out and starts talking to us. He was a cool guy who looks like a young Apollo Creed. stash and all haha. so I'm like ok, well, might as well talk to this guy. So I start talking about what we do as missionaries and he then starts talking about how he, for the past few years, has been searching endlessly for the truth. He had been going to all the churches and seeing what they teach and comparing it to the Bible and found that many of the churches were just searching for money and didn’t really care so much for doctrine. That they were performing "miracles" but really just scamming the members. He was telling us about it for like 30 mins haha. So we set up an appointment and met him the next day. He is very excited to pray and to read the Book of Mormon. So cool of an experience. I'm still in awe at this. This kind of thing is a complete miracle and he has a monkey, so that’s sweet also.

So we had transfers. Elder Clauson is gone... sad. But the new 2 guys in our apartment are way cool so it’s great and obedient to which I am so grateful. The feeling in the apartment has really changed a ton. It’s really nice. It has been a good change. Elder Manuel, the new District Leader is great. He is from Angola so he speaks Portugese and he also hears Spanish, so I was like sweet! It’s been a while since I've spoken any Spanish, so I go to speak Spanish and only Twi comes to my head. I cant speak any Spanish again man! Twi pe. Haha I go to say como estas and et te sen comes, I go to say  'y' for 'and' and just 'na' comes and then I try to speak French with Elder Essis and I'm all messed up now... plus my English is failing me... I'm going to sound like idiot when I come home... haha so yeah that is funny.

So all in all, my take away from this week is that the Lord is putting his elect in our path. It takes diligence and patience to earn the chance to meet them. (12 weeks of trying to earn it in this area.) So I'm grateful for the success finally. Very grateful.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 39: in french:nous mangous, or in twi: yen didi or in enlgish: lets eat!

So today, we were walking to come to the cafe and we were walking to the road side. A taxi flew by noticed that us white men (Obrunis) were walking toward the road so he slammed on the brakes and the car came this screeching halt and then reversed back down the road to us. Haha, we all started laughing haha cuz this taxi guy did not see white people walking to the road… he saw big money signs walking to the road. Haha white man=$$$$ to these people hahaha so funny.

Transfer news: Elder Clauson is leaving... sad. It’ll be sad to not have him around anymore. But it’s been a good 3 months ha so it's ok. Elder Essis has been cooking for me this past week. So nice. Like having a personal chef in the apartment. So nice man. Elder Essis is training also so that'll be interesting to have two trainees in the apartment. Also, Elder Campbell is improving and getting the hang of things a little more I think. So that’s good.

My Twi/Fanti is getting pretty good. I'm able to hold conversations with people and I can say most things now. So now it is just a matter of memorizing vocabulary. I’ve gotten really lazy with it all recently, but I think I'm gonna start up again so I can can be proficient in yelling at Eric and Caden in Twi. Also French. Planning on having like  a 45 min lesson with Elder Essis every night to learn French. So that’ll be cool. Excited for that. I love French. It’s so fun to speak.


Yeah I think that’s good for this week. Didn’t eat anything crazy... Winneba is not crazy food wise. Oh haha I’ve had more girls throw themselves at me the past two weeks than I have my whole life which is not saying much, but still :-). They are crazy here. One woman told me she wanted to marry me, this other girl was being all flirty to me... and this girl at a restaurant was trying to get me to dance with her. But to all of them I was like, woah girl, what you want? Pretty harsh but when the girl said, "lets dance" and started going crazy towards me I was like, "lets not." Haha made me think of Dumb and Dumber. “Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie. Let’s not.” Hahahaha. So yeah that was really funny. Don’t worry Mom, I’m safe. Even from these crazy women who want white husband. Ha. I'm waiting for my 10 cow woman when I get home. Hahaha.

Ok, that’s enough for this week. Do what you will with this email ha. That’s how it is.