Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 35: No Bleach Can Whiten This Shirt

This week was like the blink of an eye... serious... I think it was one of the fastest on mission.

Training is cool.

It took the whole morning today to wash my clothes... yeah... my shirts are getting more and more “less white.” Ha! No amount of bleach and soap can make them crisp. Hahaha... had been scrubbing for days, my hands are just raw right now.... one day I will cry when I hug my washing machine at home in Abroche (USA)

I’m getting pretty good at cooking. That is something I want to continue when I'm home. It’s fun, just eyeballing things haha haven't had too bad of a fail yet. I made a pasta that was so hot you'd pee your pants. Yeah, put too much pepe in that one.

I'm alive. Healthy as you can be in Ghana. Pretty good.

Ye beshia