Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 37: Another Week, Another Cedi

Another week, another cedi.

This week was pretty good. We found three new people to teach. Two of them came to church, so that is great. All 3 were referrals. Man, I love referrals.

Our old woman investigator is awesome. We went on Wednesday and her grandchild was really sick. So I told her (through a translator) that we give him a blessing. It was really powerful. We came back on Sunday and saw her again, she said that the little boy we blessed got better and that he is doing well now. I think it was a great faith builder for her. I'm grateful I hold the priesthood.

We had a really rainy day Thursday night and all of Friday. It made it so that we couldn't even go out. Haha... whenever it rains it gets freezing here at night. Holy cow. Like I was in a ball under my sheet. No fan. Shivering. So freaking cold. Haha it is so nice. But man it makes our shower frigid. I didn’t even shower on Friday. I knew it would be too cold. Oh I miss hot showers. 

Elder Clauson and I made scones this week. Ha it was nice. We chopped and enjoyed plenty.  

[DAD] What was the craziest experience you had last week? 

[ELDER JANDA] It rained all day. Haha. haven’t had anything too crazy... 

[DAD] What is your favorite thing about the culture in Ghana? 

[ELDER JANDA] I love that when they shake hands they snap at the end. Like you use each other’s middle fingers to snap off with each other. It’s awesome. Leaves a good satisfied feeling at the end of the shake. I’ll miss that. 

[DAD] What is the strangest thing about the culture in Ghana...compared to USA? 

[ELDER JANDA] They eat with their hands. Everything. And they drink the soup after you finish eating the fufu. Haha. That one... just drinking straight pepe soup haha oh man... 

[DAD] What is a weird thing you miss from home, that you didn't think you would miss? 

[ELDER JANDA] I really miss grass... like they do not have grass here... just weeds everywhere. I really miss grass. 

[DAD] What is something you admire about your companion? 

[ELDER JANDA] My comp is always trying to think of something different we can try or do. Haha. It’s that greenie spirit. So, that’s “good job bro.” 

[DAD] Who do you miss the most? Dad? or Mom? Haha. Jk. 

[ELDER JANDA] I miss you all equally. Haha. But, so much. So much 

Love you all. Bonsoir! 

Elder Janda