Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 38: Dove for Dinner

Baako pe abeum... Charlie... je suis fatigue... enye shre.

This week was a lot of walking. Friday and Saturday and Sunday especially. I'm exhausted. Plus today we had this crazy beach party thing on the beach and played all this stuff so I'm very tired still... gonna chill plenty tonight.

We have been teaching this girl named G. We were just walking one day and I felt a prompting to go over and talk to these people. We sat down and taught a lesson to her. We have been meeting her a few times last week. She is cool. Really smart and literate so thats always so nice. Sometimes I feel like I'm out there trying to prove it all to people, but really, no matter how hard and how well I do prove it to them doesn't matter cuz they won’t be converted by facts. They just need to feel the spirit answer their prayers. I really focus on that when I teach. You have to pray and get an answer. You have to continually feel the spirit and keep your testimony alive.

If I had a 1 cedi for every time I have to tell people that my comp doesn't speak fanti in fanti I’d be rich. Man. It’s nice to have a comp that can’t speak anything though cuz my skills are improving plenty so thats sweet. So many skills, walking skills, fanti / twi skills, scripture skills. Haha.

Elder Essis (in my apartment and one of my favorite missionaries) is going to be cooking for me this week. Haha. So stoked abut that. Just gonna give him 40 cedis and he will cook me lunch and dinner all week! So stoked man. One morning I wake up and come into the kitchen and there is this dead dove sitting on the counter with a slingshot next to it. Haha. I'm like what the heck... and then Essis walks in and starts laughing in his hilarious laugh. I sent a black and white picture of him last week or so. Haha. He is so funny. He is a french man so just imagining him as a french strong man at the circus. You now like the ones with those curly mustaches is so funny hahaha, with his broken English. Haha. Oh man I love the guy. Anyway, he cooked this dove and oh man, it was so nice. I'm thinking I’ll start a restaurant and hire him to be the chef. Ha, yeah, he is funny. Great guy, I’ll miss him when he leaves.

Gn. is still my best friend that I've had on mission. He is so great. I love the guy so much. We see him almost every day and go out and teach with him a ton too. He is so great. I’ll get a recording with him or something this week. Maybe a small video or something.

So yeah that’s it for today. Peace out from Ghana the land of fufu and crazy tro tro mates.


Elder Janda